Friday, June 26, 2009

Do downunder firms care enough about the environment?

Recently, I learned first-hand about the progress of the UK-based Legal Sector Alliance, an inclusive movement of law firms and organisations committed to working collaboratively to take action on climate change by reducing their carbon footprints and adopting environmentally sustainable practices. Created in October 2007, it now boasts over 90 member firms who are committed to taking action on its principles.
Seeing as there appears to be no similar organization 'downunder' I recently did a snap-shot survey of my subscribers to assess their commitment to acting on climate change. Although a small sample, the results suggest that firms downunder are lagging behind their UK counterparts. Over 80% of respondents were from Australia and New Zealand).

69% of respondents consider their firm has a responsibility to measure, manage and reduce carbon emissions.
44% of respondents are taking steps to reduce carbon emissions.
Only 2% of respondents are actively seeking an accreditation such as the UK's ISO14001 or the US' B corporation status.

Those who stated they are taking steps to reduce carbon emissions voted the following as their top 5 initiatives:

Turning lights off (89%)
Recycling (84%)
Reducing paper production (73%)
Turning off computers when not in use (68%)
Using environmentally friendly products (52%)

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