Thursday, October 25, 2007

Will lawyers exist in 100 years?

Extracts from Richard Susskind's forthcoming new book 'The End of Lawyers?' are being published in The (London) Times over the next 6 weeks. Have a read and join the on-line debate. Professor Susskind is a futurist and visionary and, as usual, provocative. Have a read here.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Future Firm Forum Wins Praise

"The forum was simply outstanding. The presenters were excellent. The intimate, informal sessions generated some great ideas. I came away more confident in my ability to add value to my firm and help it to move to the next level of its existence. I am also delighted to have made new friends and contacts that I know I can call on for advice and support." -Richard Hobson, CEO, Mason Sier Turnbull, Melbourne.

Yes, it was the first of its kind..but it turned out even better than expected at the Powderhorn Chateau, Ohakune, New Zealand. Guests from Sydney, Melbourne, Christchurch and Rotorua enjoyed presentations by and conversations with special guest Gerry Riskin, via video conference from his home in Anguilla, former Corporate Lawyers Association of New Zealand President Ron Pol, Maria Masterantonio, Hayley Nicholls and Canadian innovation guru Ed Bernacki.

The venue has been booked and the event will run again next year 20-22 September 2008. Mark the date in your diaries now!