Friday, July 27, 2007

Nurture + Support + Flexibility = Advantage

A flexible, supportive working environment is the number one factor that voters (predominantly from Australia and New Zealand) considered to give them a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining the best people to their firms according our recent on-line talent survey. Of course, if all firms consider that to be the source of their advantage, then one might argue that there is, in fact, little to differentiate one firm from another and so no advantage is actually gained! However it is encouraging to see more firms placing value on having lawyers with a life on their team!

For firms that are not focussing on developing a flexible, supportive workplace, the following comment from one voter may act as sufficient incentive:

"The principal of this firm is clueless about how to manage or retain people. I am the senior lawyer here and am leaving shortly and happily. The management practices at this firm involve bullying, devaluing and denigrating staff in a way that is very arguably a breach of OH&S/professional misconduct."

Thanks to all those subscribers who took the time to vote.

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